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Benefits to your business

DALIS will save you valuable time which is vital to every company.  You no longer need several databases or systems, just one, DALIS.  It saves you times accessing your asset data and also maintaining your data.  Simply email us your changes and these are done on one system accessible to your Users.  It has additional financial calculations based on your data but not in your documents that saves you further time calculating.  You can also export into Excel from the Reports page the exact selection of data you need or want at any point in time making it easy to manipulate. All of these allow your team using your data to do so more efficiently and effectively.

One of the other main benefits of DALIS to your business is that it provides invaluable third party verification of your data which is essential in a modern day working environment.

Additional Services

If you are looking to secure new Asset Finance then you can mandate First Asset Finance Plc to do this on for you.  We offer assistance in structuring the exact finance you need through a highly respected network of quality funders. By using a tender panel approach we can also offer extremely competitive solutions.