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How it works

DALIS will provide an Excel template for you to complete your asset data that you wish to be uploaded into your account.  Once this is done you will be able to access your data with your own unique username and password from any location with internet access at any time of day. 

Your asset data in DALIS is important to your business and the accuracy and integrity of this data is therefore key.  Once your asset data is uploaded into DALIS any future changes are all monitored via one route, us.  By emailing DALIS of the changes you require these are verified and amended with a full audit history and log of when and by who. 

DALIS can add, change or delete at your request, ensuring that these important changes are not input by different departments with conflicting information.  We make this normally time consuming task quick and easy saving your team valuable time constantly updating records.  DALIS support will be available during normal working hours to assist with your requests and questions.  

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