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What can DALIS do?

DALIS allows you to search for your asset data and see it in an easily accessible format. Displayed over several pages at Asset and Agreement Level. Search through your results and find the information you require. You can also upload attachments at either Asset or Agreement level. These can include lease documentation, invoices, asset maintenance records and more.

As well as this you can run reports in DALIS based on a specific criteria.  Open these as a PDF version and print or save. Alternatively you can export the report data into a CSV format and manipulate it to use however you wish.

Direct Debit Reconciliation Reports and Balance of Rentals outstanding are available, as well as Email Alerts giving notice periods, end dates and early termination notifications.

In life data is managed, with early terminations, insurance settlements and more, recorded.


Shown below are some screen shots of the Asset, Agreements, Lessees and Reports pages.

Dalis  - Assets Page

Dalis  - Agreements Page

Dalis  - Lessees Page

Dalis - Reports Page

Dalis Reports Page